Intelligent Hoses

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August 2019 Advanced Sensors Integrated with your Hose

Continental AG, aiming to be your global partner of choice for Industrial fluid product systems and services.

Oil & Marine has been at the forefront of flexible hose technology, predominantly in the marine environment, for over 60 years and we have an unrivalled track record in the delivery of the most expansive portfolio of products and services, worldwide.

As one of the world’s leading partners for companies operating in the oil & marine and materials handling industries, our success is rooted in our unrivalled engineering expertise and our comprehensive understanding of the most challenging project requirements. We work closely together with our partners to provide innovative solutions and our products are found in some of the most demanding applications around the world.

Our market leading hoses have just got even better with the addition of ‘Intelligent Hoses’ to our portfolio, a first in the market. Advanced sensor technology will connect your hoses to a cloud-based system, enhancing functionality and comes with an array of impressive features.

The Continental cloud is the backbone for all our digital services. The platform provides an efficient management system which will enable customers to access their data in a secure environment.

Paul Staton, Technical Manager, based in Grimsby - UK said: “We are continually looking at ways we can improve and deliver unique solutions to the market and are very excited to be adding this service to our portfolio. The launch of ‘Intelligent Hoses’ will provide customers with the option to purchase a package for position monitoring sensors for marine hose systems. As the name implies, this gives you the ability to track the positioning of your hoses in real time, and through the power of the cloud, this information is accessible anytime, anywhere.”

Variable conditions out at sea mean that our hoses are subject to severe weather conditions, which can on occasions result in; hose string wrapping, hose over-bending, breakaway coupling activation, string auto submergence and more… The live data will alert you of such risks so that you can respond quickly, reducing; damage, downtime and costs and in turn increasing efficiency of your operations.”

Intelligent Hoses

This is only the beginning for Continental’s vision for the future of cloud connected hose technology for marine hoses. Going forward, we’re looking to introduce: cradle to grave asset management, remote leak detection, remote collision detection, load monitoring and service life optimisation.

Continental’s long-term goal is to extend functionalities of the cloud to benefit other products within the portfolio of the Oil and Marine Industry.

Intelligent hoses are the next generation for oil and marine hoses, with many benefits to you as a customer.

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