ContiTech Dunlop Oil and Marine’s 45th Technical Seminar

Technical Seminar reaches new heights - 45 years and still rising!

May 2018ContiTech Dunlop Oil & Marine’s 45th Technical Seminar attracted over 100 delegates from 52 different companies and 35 countries worldwide, the event is growing year by year and unlike the market is showing no signs of slowing down.

Kam Zandiyeh, General Manager, DOM: “With a market that is still in downturn, it is clear that our continued commitment to quality, leadership and innovation is why we continue to be recognised as the market leaders and an important player in the market today.”

With a record number of 7 guest speakers attending, it highlights how the event is now recognised as an important forum where new products can be launched and knowledge and experience can be shared. The event is now seen as a forum where operators, oil majors and leading market players, by their engagement, can improve the reliability and safety in their operations.

Group picture for DOM factory tour

Group picture for DOM factory tour

Our guest speakers travelled from all corners of the globe and included - Imodco and Orwell, two OEMs from Europe, LOOP LLC and OCP Ecuador, two of the largest terminal operators from the USA and Ecuador respectively, Clarkson Research Services Ltd from the UK, expert oil & gas data analysists and Jifmar from France, a major offshore industry service provider.

Cédric Fonanieu, Technical Manager from Imodco in Monaco inspired the audience with a presentation on the evolution of Calm Buoy Systems over the last 60 years.

Cedric said: “Once again our colleagues have demonstrated their entrepreneurial and creative spirit. This seminar is always a great place to share with clients, suppliers and peers and to talk about our mutual 60 years of experience and the origins of SPM systems.”

Superintendente Terminal Marίtimo from OCP in Ecuador S.A. provided insights into the philosophy around how they can improve and mitigate risks across their entire operation. He said:

“I felt honored and inspired. It was really important for me to have a complete perspective of the handling involved in the manufacture of hoses and most importantly the leadership of its members, these strengths give us the confidence to continue working together.”

Karl Williams, Offshore Research Manager for Clarkson Research Services Ltd in the UK delivered a welcome and insightful presentation on the price of crude oil, dynamics and trends and the forecast of offshore investments in projects and vessels.

Karl said: “The event is illuminating and engaging, reflecting not just the quality of the various speakers but also the contributions and insights of numerous attendees. The wealth of technical expertise is impressive.”

As leaders in innovation the seminar would not have been complete without the launch of the new 'Intelligent Hoses & Digitalisation' presented by Simon Bishop, Services and Digital Solutions Manager for ContiTech and Paul Staton, Technical Manager for DOM.

Kam Zandiyeh - General Manager of DOM

Kam Zandiyeh, General Manager, Dunlop Oil & Marine Ltd

They spoke about how advanced sensor and communications technologies would allow for 'Smart Hoses' to be developed; enabling data to be collected from hoses in service, and transmitted live to a cloud based platform, thereby 'giving the hoses a voice'. The Continental Cloud platform is capable of analysing and processing data to provide true value added output for the customer, whether this be information about the current status of the hose and wider system, or predictions of remaining hose life based on digital twin technology.

A live digital feed was uploaded during the forum showing a hose string position sensor system currently in development; streaming data live via satellite through to the Continental Cloud portal from a local offshore terminal near Grimsby – UK.

The delegates showed great interest in this technology and other proposed future digitalisation developments.

The highlight of the 3 days is always the factory tour, which never fails to amaze and deliver beyond our clients expectations.

“We left the plant with a renewed respect for the products.”

“So enlightening and humbling. What a commitment to excellence.”

“The factory tour by the guidance and explanations of expert staff shows exactly where the confidence of the products is from. This gave me an idea of how the factory turns the theoretical presented into reality.”

“They have trust in our people and enjoy the personal interactions this forum provides.” Says Kam.

Technical Seminar 2018

Ramiro Bermeo, Superintendente Terminal Marίtimo from OCP in Ecuador S.A.

Technical Seminar 2018

Robert J LeNormand, Civil/Structural Engineer, LOOP LLC

Technical Seminar 2018

Pierre Rizzo, Business Development & Project Manager, Jifmar Offshore Services

Technical Seminar 2018

Pierpaolo Ricci, Head of Naval Architecture, Orwell Offshore

Technical Seminar 2018

Cédric Fontanieu, Technical Manager, Imodco

Technical Seminar 2018

Howard Sykes, Product Support Engineer, Dunlop Oil & Marine Ltd

Technical Seminar 2018

Karl Williams, Offshore Research manager, Clarkson Research Services Ltd

Technical Seminar 2018

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