Another First!


April 2011 Confirming our position as the world’s leading producer of offshore marine hoses, Dunlop Oil & Marine Ltd, part of the ContiTech division of Continental AG, is pleased to announce that we are the first in the industry to have qualified designs and to be delivering hoses in accordance with GMPHOM 2009.

GMPHOM 2009 - “Guide to Manufacturing and Purchasing Hoses for Offshore Moorings” - supersedes the OCIMF 1991 hose guide publication “Guide to Purchasing, Manufacturing and Testing of Loading and Discharge Hoses for Offshore Moorings”, 4th edition to which we were also the first to qualify. OCIMF 1991 will be withdrawn in June 2012 and GMPHOM 2009 will then be the defining ‘standard’ for offshore loading hose purchase.

We Have Exceeded GMPHOM 2009 Requirements
As well as satisfying all criteria for GMPHOM 2009, we have included the additional specification requirements of a range of clients in our hose qualification programmes. A particular additional accomplishment is a unique 5 cycle surge pressure proof test to 2.5 times hose Rated Pressure after completion of all fatigue testing with the subsequent burst test still attaining at least 5 times Rated Working Pressure.

Why Are We First?
Key to achieving GMPHOM 2009 qualification was the role of our full scale dynamic test rig in performing the required hose fatigue proving programmes. The depth of knowledge, expertise and experience that we have gathered through 40 years experience of hose development, manufacture and supply ensured a ‘right first time’ result. Our dedicated technical team has unrivalled hose R&D expertise, effectively utilising in-house Finite Element Analysis (FEA), hose system analysis software and other engineering design tools, supported by external academic and industry partnerships. This helps us to always stay one step ahead of our competitors.

Another First!

A GMPHOM hose prototype being put through its paces in our dynamic test rig

Another First!

Extreme bend test