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April 2011 Acting in unison, four ContiTech companies – Eddelbüttel + Schneider (E+S), ContiTech Oil & Marine, ContiTech Rubber Industrial and Dunlop Oil & Marine – managed to land their biggest order yet. Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) placed the order for a FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading unit) it is building for the CLOV offshore oil and gas field northwest of Angola. Total, Statoil, Esso and BP extract around 11,000 bbl. of oil there each day. As Peter Neale, general manager of ContiTech Oil & Marine in Houston, Texas, emphasized: “This cooperation underscores our strong position as global supplier for the oil and gas industry.”

ContiTech Oil & Marine supplies cooling water systems with inside diameters of 610 and 660 cm for the gigantic ship that processes and stores petroleum and natural gas on the high sea until tankers call for the raw materials. Each of the six lines has a length of 100 m and is composed of 15 separate hoses. They draw up cold, deoxygenated water from the depths of the sea. The water is needed to process and cool the crude oil and to improve oil flow. The scope of delivery also includes two wastewater systems (10 and 6 m in length, with inside diameters of 410 and 1,000 mm). They will be supplied to the shipyard in December 2012, shortly prior to delivery of the ship to the customer. The lines were developed by Eddelbüttel + Schneider in Hamburg. They are equipped with hoses ContiTech Rubber Industrial in Szeged, Hungary.

The off-loading station produced by Ashington, England-based ContiTech Oil & Marine transfers the crude oil from the FPSO to the tankers. Dunlop Oil & Marine equips the station with hoses. The company will also supply a bunkering station to provide day-to day essentials for the running of the vessel. Both stations are slated for delivery to the shipyard in Korea before the vessel sails for Angola at the end of 2012.

"We were able to land the contract only because everyone pitched in. ContiTech was thus able to offer an all-in-one package," underlined Marcus Prinz, general manager of E+S. The order follows on the heels of one for the Pazflor FPSO, for which ContiTech likewise supplied the water intake system. “That indicates that the customer was satisfied with our performance,” Prinz feels.

Successful Networking

ContiTech likewise supplied the water intake systems for the predecessor vessel, the Pazflor FPSO.