SAFGARD Pressure Telemetry System

Offshore Marine Hoses

The new Dunlop Oil & Marine Pressure Telemetry System represents a breakthrough in underwater communications. Perfect for long term condition monitoring of pressure, the system combines proven data acquisition capabilities with low power acoustic transmissions.

  • Software shows and records pressure, time and sub-sea unit identification number. In normal operating condition a ‘No Leak Recorded’ message is presented. When a leak is detected the message ‘Leak Detected’ is presented and a siren emitted
  • Surface receiver unit decodes data transmissions from 32 sub-sea units
  • Battery life is three years when each sub-sea unit is configured to transmit every 30 minutes. Once a leak is detected, the transmission rate increases to every 10 minutes
  • The compact sub-sea units detect pressure when connected to existing Dunlop Oil & Marine patented one-way outlet valves


SAFGARD Pressure Telemetry System

Dunlop Oil & Marine