DEEPFLO Midwater System

Offshore Marine Hoses

Over the last 50 years Dunlop Oil & Marine has become synonymous with innovation and technical excellence in the design and manufacture of offshore marine hoses. Drawing on this experience, and our capabilities, we have been able to develop a unique product and solution for oil export in deepwater locations. Deepflo offers major advantages over existing technologies for transferring oil from spread moored FPSO’s to exporting CALM buoys.

Key features include:

  • Fully bonded export line
  • Large bore solution – up to 30 inch
  • 25-year design life
  • Fully approved to API 17K
  • Reduced pumping cost
  • Reduced installation cost
  • Patented system design

API 17K Approved

Deepflo has been fully developed and tested to meet the stringent requirements of API 17K. To achieve 25 years service life capability, all materials have been rigorously tested to demonstrate their ageing and fatigue properties.

Full scale hose testing has confirmed that Deepflo possesses the necessary strength and fatigue properties for this demanding application. The patented hybrid reinforcement allows Deepflo to be manufactured in large bore constructions whilst minimizing weight and delivering high strength and flexibility.

New Patented Coupling

The Dunlop Oil & Marine/SPO patented coupling is both light and compact, and greatly reduces connection time and costs. The flange joints have been fully fatigue tested, and the 3-seal solution ensures integrity throughout the entire service life. The compact flanges can be joined using simple proven procedures eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming special welding techniques.

The specially developed rubber moulding technique completely encapsulates exposed flange surfaces eliminating external corrosion.

Patented Decoupling System

The new patented decoupling system dramatically reduces loads, both under the buoy and in the export line, further improving fatigue performance. The export line can be constructed either onshore and towed to site, or fed out from a conventional work vessel with a high speed bolting station.

Major Cost Savings

Deepflo’s large, smooth bore design not only reduces pressure loss in the line, but can greatly lower pump costs and the power supply costs on the FPSO. Additionally, the large bore capability may also reduce the number of export lines required, providing major cost savings.

Extended Fatigue Life

Deepflo’s lightweight and flexible construction combined with the decoupling system design significantly reduces the loads at both the FPSO and SPM connections. This extends fatigue life in all areas.


DEEPFLO Midwater System

DEEPFLO Midwater System

Dunlop Oil & Marine