Ancillary Equipment

Offshore Marine Hoses

The Dunlop Oil & Marine range of ancillary mechanical equipment includes essential items for making up complete hose string assemblies, and for safe use of individual hoses.

Due account is taken of recommendations given in OCIMF publication “SPM Hose Ancillary Equipment Guide” where appropriate.

Some equipment, in particular bolting and flanges, is still commonly specified in imperial units. Metric equivalents may become standard supply in the future. Dimensions and weights for all equipment should be regarded as guideline only. Equipment is subject to evolutionary design modifications, although these should only be minor.

Metalwork Protection

Exposed metal surfaces for various pieces of equipment are protected against corrosion in a variety of ways- hot dipped galvanising, epoxy paint etc. The prevailing standard method for a given piece of equipment is stated in Dunlop Oil & Marine quotation documents, unless another specific system is requested by the client.

Some examples of Dunlop Oil & Marine ancillary equipment include:

  • Flange Jointing
  • Chain Assemblies
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Camlock Coupling
  • Lightweight Blind Flange
  • Pick-up Buoy
  • Lifting Spool Piece
  • Floating Concentric Reducer
  • Floating ‘Y’ Piece
  • Marker Beacon
  • Submarine Hose Floats
  • Hose Transport and Handling Aids
  • Hose Test Equipment
  • Anodes for Hose Flange Connections


Ancillary Equipment

Dunlop Oil & Marine