System Design Services

Offshore Marine Hoses

Dunlop Oil & Marine can provide system design support to assist in both new project development and review of existing terminal operations. In-house computing facilities include industry standard marine analysis software for verification and investigation purposes.

Finite Element Analysis

Dunlop Oil & Marine has been using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques for detailed hose design since 1990. Methodology has evolved from simple representation of individual hose wall layers and end fittings, to present day modelling of the complex, three dimensional interactions between bonded rubber, textile, and helical wire matrices and their terminations on profiled hose fitting nipples under various mechanical loading regimes. Furthermore, FEA heat transfer modelling allows close inspection of hose wall temperature variations during the curing cycle or, at the other extreme, can consider hose wall insulating effects for low temperature product applications.

Such design prowess assists rapid progression from hose application concept to working solution, allowing quick and confident response to customer requirements.


System Design Services

System Design Services

Dunlop Oil & Marine