Industries & Applications: Subsea Mining and Mineral Extraction

Subsea Mining & Mineral Extraction

Industries & Applications

The Earth’s oceans contain untapped reserves of minerals, many of which are becoming ever more scarce on land. Advances in marine technology mean that the exploitation of these resources is now becoming viable. Reserves are found in shallow waters close to shore but also at depths of 5000 metres and more in the middle of our oceans. ContiTech Oil & Gas is leading the way in the development of flexible hose lines for these most challenging operations.

Seabed Mining

Seabed Mining

ContiTech Oil & Gas is over more than 60 years in the marine and offshore oil & gas industries and develops systems to different fields of marine mining.

Dredge hoses

Dredge Hose Systems

ContiTech Oil & Gas develop and manufacture dredge hose systems to give the best possible performance for your specific application.

Chemical Hoses

Hose Management

ContiTech Oil & Gas is ideally qualified to offer tailored, expert solutions for the maintenance of your flexible hose assemblies.