Non-Integrated System

Hoses and Hose Lines for Oil & Gas Applications

Used in conditions of high swell or if the floating line has to be bent at an acute angle. These hoses are extremely rugged, but if damage does occur to floats the relevant section may be quickly and easily replaced.

Floating Hoses with completely replaceable parts

This type was developed for use in heavy seas and for all cases in which high bending capacity of the floating line is required. Your benefits:

  • The floats are mounted with clearances, which allows tight bending of the pipeline. This construction avoids forming „humps“ on the water surface, which would cause consderably more wear inside the floating line.
  • The double construction of the outer rubber skin of the tube makes it especially robust against mechanical damages, f. ex. by tugboats.
  • Whenever necessary, in case of destroyed floats or hose out of repair, the single parts can be easily replaced.

Installation Application:

Non Integrated System

Floating Hose Line 'Non Integrated System'


  • For use in delivery lines subject to heavy swell or large tidal variations. This specially designed hose/float combination ensures that the line maintains its required curve profile without buckling.
  • For use throughout a delivery line or linked to floating steel pipe. E + S floating hose provides a flexible link between a submerged line and floating pipe and between floating pipe and shore line.
  • For all hydraulic transport of oil, water, etc.

Additional Points:

  • Each half of the low density polyethylene float is a single moulding filled with polyurethane hard foam which does not deform even if heated.
  • For floating hose a higher safety factor is recommended than those used in nonfloating systems. Outer rubber is twice as thick to withstand chafing.
  • The Riser Hose Application is additional equipped with reinforced hoops to prevent kinking of the hose.


Non-Integrated System

Non-Integrated System

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